Superior Testimonials

Before And After Results 2 Months of everyday usage

Eczema? Psoriasis? (This photo is courtesy of a Superior Client who has Psoriasis. 2 Months of use)


** Hey about a year ago I met you at an event in toronto where their was a bunch of booths from around the world. You had recommended Shea on your for my exceema like conditions and it helped keep the itching down, for that thank you! I was given an amazing deal of two 2.5oz packages for $10 and was hoping to get another deal like that if I were to buy 3. let me know and I will make the purchase thanks!  **

** Hello Adriel,

My name is _______ (we met briefly at the Brampton Wellness open house on Tuesday Jan 17).

I took one of your Shea Butter Blends samples to try on my youngest daughtest daughter because she has had Eczema her whole life. And recently for the past 2 years her arms and face have gotten worse.  

In short - your product worked very well. Much more effective than any other natural product I've tried over the years.

I would like to come and see you for more product for me and my family, as well as more business cards to hand out to my patients.  

I run a busy Bolton practice full-time and one day a week at the Brampton clinjc.  I do see many people who have Eczema issues. 

I would love to send patients your way and try your product.

If you can give me a few days/times that are open for you and I can come in maybe on the Tuesday (thats the day Im there in Brampton).  I start at 10am, so I can come before at 9:15-9:30am on Tuesday or if you are open on Saturdays.

Thanks kindly,**

**Just wanted to let you know how much I am loving the Shea on You cream. I picked it up at the yoga show last March and just found it recently, hidden in my night stand. EXTREMELY dry legs are dry no more!  

Thanks! **

**Hi Adriel

Please call me in the office tomorrow so I can place an order for a gift for the staff. They all love your products. 

**Hi, I purchased your Shea on You product a couple years ago from a vendor at a summer festival in London Ontario. I loved it--nice natural scent that didn't bother me or my scent-sensitive colleagues at work. AND the scent was surprisingly long-lasting for an essential oil product. I could not find that vendor at the same festival this year and was wondering if there is anywhere in the London area where I can find your products.  Also, does the scent on your other scented shea butter cream last as long? Thank you, **


I purchased your shea on you product Afro fest and I'm in love!  

I would like to order 6 of the large jars. What is the total and do you deliver through mail?  

Thanks! **

**Hello,A friend of mine passed me your contact. I was told you have one of the best shea butter. I'd be interested in purchasing some.  Do you have a store? Or will you be at another event in the Toronto? I'm opening to coming to you to get some.If you can give me some information about prices that would be great. **

** Hi, do you selling your products in Fleemarkets like last year when I  purchased one, it is just a perfect blend! I love it!

Best regards, **

**Hi, i was Wondering if you were going be at tthe one of a kind show this spring. I bought the shea on you at the royal winter fair and love it. Thanks   

** Hey man!  

This is HORNET the fighter/wrestler from Battle Arts Academy! Are you coming with the gang on Sunday? The Shea butter is good! I used it after training yesterday and today. My hands get so dry in this weather!!!**  

** Hi Adriel,  

I received my order of Shea On You in the mail last week and was happily surprised to find two 4 ounce jars instead of one 6 ounce and a lovely note from you explaining that you had run out of the 6 ounce jars. So I wanted to write and say thank you! I really like the product and look forward to using it all up.  Have a great day and enjoy the snow!**