What is Shea Butter?: Shea Butter is the oily extract from the Shea fruit. It contains many Bioactive Nutrients

What are Bioactive Nutrients?: A bioactive compound is a compound that has an effect on a living organism, tissue /cell. In the field of nutrition bioactive compounds are distinguished from essentialnutrients. ... Bioactive compounds can have an influence on health.

Which Bioactive Nutrients are available in Shea Butter?: There are mamny but the main ones are Vitamins A, E and F Cinnamates Phytosterols nad Phytonutrients

Why Do People Use Shea Butter?: SHea Butter s Superior Moisturizer and has astounding healing properties for various skin ailments/conditions. Anti Inflammatory properties as well as being a minor sun screen agent are just some of the helpful qualities of Shea Butter.

What is the difference between Refined Shea butter and Unrefined Shea Butter?: The refining process strips the shea butter of many of its nutrients, but removes colour and odour. up to 75% of the nutrients are lost through the refining process.

Can I use Shea Butter ON MY FACE?: YES


Will Shea Butter CLOG MY PORES?: NO

Can I purchase "Shea On You" anywhere else?: There are several locations that you can purchase "Shea On You" and various SuperiorBrand products within the Greater Toronto Area

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